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A grease trap is designed to cool down the hot water and separate the water from the grease and food waste, thus allowing the water to flow to the city sewer and the waste to be stored in the grease trap. The grease trap is serviced on a regular frequency to keep the solids from traveling to the city sewer and causing overflows at the manholes and lift stations, which can sustain fines from the city utility departments and the EPA.

To help you stay compliant with city regulations SES is armed with the most improved state of the art equipment, and available 24/7 to remedy your grease trap and drain cleaning needs. Give us a call today to check our grease trap maintenance program that keeps your business compliant with all FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) Ordinances. We also provide drain cleaning maintenance programs to ensure that you never have to worry about your grease trap backing up.

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Grease Trap Pumping

charlotte commercial drain cleaningMaintaining your grease trap is the single most important key to keeping your restaurant in operation. Everything that you wash in the sink or flush down a floor drain eventually makes its way into your grease trap. Sooner or later all the grease and food waste inside your grease trap will need to be pumped out to keep it from overflowing. At Stanley Environmental Solutions we specialize in making this a professional service.

When you call SES, we will service the grease trap when it is most convenient for you!

We have special equipment for every job such as this portable mini pumper to use where access is limited. We will scrape the buildup of grease off the walls of the trap, we will pressure wash the trap and components of the trap, and we will deodorized the area to prevent unwanted smells. Also at SES we offer 24/7 emergency service. If your grease trap backs up on you, we will be at your business within 2 hours to keep you from shutting the doors. Give us a call today to schedule your grease trap pumping.

Drain Cleaning

charlotte nc commercial drain cleaningSES offers a full line of drain cleaning services from our licensed and certified plumbers on staff. With our state of the art equipment we can clean any drain line you have. We offer specialized services such as jetting or cabling of your drain lines to prevent buildup of grease which can lead to backups. Also we have the capability to video your drain lines and locate issues or object inside your lines that need attention. At SES we want you to know the importance of keeping your drain lines clean and grease free, give us a call today to find out our latest special on our drain cleaning services.

Grease Trap Installation

commercial drain cleaning in charlotteAre you opening a new food service location? Does your existing grease trap need replacing? Give us a call today for a free quote to install a new grease trap at your facility! Like most everything, grease traps do not last forever. The acidity of the grease and products that the grease traps contains slowly break down the components and structure of the grease trap to eventually need replacing. SES has been replacing and installing new grease traps for over 40 years. With today’s technology we can replace your metal or concrete grease trap with a new poly trap that is rust and corrosion resistant to give you many years’ service. Give us a call for a free quote on replacing or installing a new grease trap.


Lift Station Maintenance

charlotte nc drain cleaningStanley Environmental Solutions also specializes in lift station maintenance. The importance of this service is to keep unwanted debris such as grease and trash from hindering the operation of your sewage pumps. When we service your lift station we will pump all trash and debris out of the tank to prevent it from damaging the pumps. We also pressure wash the well housing, pumps, floats and other lift station mechanisms to keep them operating at 100% efficiency. SES also provides trained technicians that can properly change, replace, pull and install all components of lift station pumps, control panels and other operating mechanism.

Car Wash Pits/ Oil Water Separators

drain cleaning in charlotteDo you need a car wash pit or oil water separator cleaned and emptied? Look no further, because Stanley Environmental Solutions can be your one stop shop for handling all of your pumping needs. Material from these sources is difficult to handle and tricky transport but at SES we can get the job done professionally. We our state of the are equipment and professional technicians we can properly collect, haul and dispose of this material in a way that most benefits you.