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Residential Services

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Stanley Environmental Solutions offers every homeowner the knowledge and expertise to properly maintain and service your septic system. If you need a septic tank pumped, a sewage pump replaced, or a drainfield refurbished, SES can properly and efficiently make it happen. Don’t pay for expensive plumbing services, call us today and we will handle all of your septic system needs.

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Septic Pumping/Maintenance

charlotte grease trap cleaningFor over 40 years Stanley Environmental Solutions has been servicing and maintaining septic systems all across the Charlotte Metro area. SES provides a premier septic tank cleaning service, within a 40 mile radius of its headquarters in Stanley, with its state of the art equipment and certified technicians. When servicing a septic tank SES will pump and clean both sides of your septic tank, clean filters, inspect the structural condition of the tank, and examine the plumbing to and from the septic tank for any leaks that may cause your system to prematurely fail. At SES we also keep the homeowner in mind when we service your septic tank by pumping from your driveway to prevent damage to your landscaping. We also inspect your drainfield at each pumping to ensure proper drainage to ensure your system is operating properly. Call today to find out more about maintaining your septic system.

Septic Installations

charlotte nc grease trap cleaningAre you building a new home? Does your existing septic tank need attention? If so, you are in the right location! Stanley Environmental Solutions has been installing septic tanks and drainlines for over 40 years. SES is equipped with the knowledge, experience and most advanced equipment to handle any septic installation that you may need. If you need a traditional septic tank and drainlines installed or a more advanced engineered system we can “Do the Job Right”! SES uses the most innovative septic system materials to keep your system lasting for years to come.



Septic Repairs

grease trap cleaning in charlotteOften septic systems will need to be repaired due to the age and neglected service over the years. Your septic tank is the digestive system and the drainfield is the body that absorbs the water and nutrients coming from the digestive system. Stanley Environmental Solutions has several different approaches to making your system operate like new again. We work with the local Environmental Health Dept. to decide the best options for repairing your drainfield based upon the soil and extent of the failed system. This may require adding new drainfield.

grease trap cleaning RaleighTerra Lift

A less invasive yet still effective method of revitalizing your septic system would be to perform a Terra Lift on your system. A Terra Lift will go in and break up the soil around your drainlines with compressed air, to help crack the soil so that water can penetrate into the subsurface layers. This technique requires no heavy equipment or digging and therefore leaves no mess behind!

Real Estate Inspections

Real Estate Inspections

Stanley Environmental Solutions also offers a full inspection of your septic system to ensure that all components of the system are working properly. A full real estate inspection includes the following:

  1. Uncovering and pumping both ends of your septic tank
  2. Checking for leaks from the plumbing from your house
  3. Noting the structural integrity of the tank and its components
  4. Uncovering and cleaning the distribution box
  5. Performing a stress test on the drain lines to ensure proper drainage
  6. Probing of the drain lines to confirm proper drainage of the water
*Checking/testing of all pump and control panel components (if equipped)

Bacteria Treatment

cleaning grease trapsRegular pumping and servicing of a septic tank is the life of your system. The state of North Carolina recommends that you have your septic tank pumped and cleaned every 3-5 years. This will ensure the longevity of your system at a cost effective rate. SES also provides many other options to help maintain your septic system. One of which includes a bacteria product Bio-One which is a Bacteria that helps prevent buildups and blockages in your septic system. Many of our soaps and cleaning solutions are anti-bacterial and break down the bacteria in the septic tank. These bacteria will naturally help maintain your system 24/7 by constantly breaking down the solids in your septic tank and drainlines. This product is also a helpful tool in keeping your pipes clean from harmful grease build up which in return helps keep your lines flowing smoothly. Order Bio-One online today to get your bacteria treatment shipped right to your front door.