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CCLS – $145.99/6 Pack

CCLS is perfect for residential and commercial use. The live cultures in this bottle will help keep FOG (fat, oil, and grease) at a minimal level in your tank and drain lines. Every 2 months just simply pour a bottle in the toilet and flush it down or pour in a drain to get the cultures started. These cultures will work 24/7 to keep your drain lines free of slime and buildup as well as controlling the sludge level in your tank. Order online today!

*All Prices Include Shipping to NC and SC

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Rootx – $60.00/Bottle

Rootx is the easiest way to kill roots in your drain lines and around your septic tank. Simply pour the product into your toilet and flush! Immediately Rootx will begin to kill roots that it comes into contact with and will start to open up drain lines to allow more flow.

*All Prices Include Shipping to NC and SC

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Thrift – $30.00/Bottle

Thrift is the ultimate drain cleaner on the market. Thrift’s non-acid formula works instantly to unclog and eat away at slow flowing drains. Simply pour the product down the drain, add hot water and watch it work. Thrift is great for cleaning FOG (fat, oils and grease) out neglected drain lines. Order online today to get your drain lines flowing in less than 60 seconds.

*All Prices Include Shipping to NC and SC

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EZ Set Risers/Lids – $65 per section

Many newer septic tanks are made with EZ Set risers and lids to make access to the septic tank easier for the technician. Sometimes these lids and risers will get nicked with lawnmowers or other landscaping equipment and have to be replaced. Orders for EZ Set risers or lids by phone only.

*Shipping not available on this product

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Concrete Lids (price depends on size)

Concrete access lids to your septic tank are inevitably going to break after some period of time. The wear and tear on trying to take these lids on and off puts a lot of stress on the structure of the lids. If you need a lid for your septic tank no matter if its small or large, square or round, we have the lids you need. Orders and pricing available by phone!

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