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About Us

About our Charlotte & Raleigh Grease Trap Service

Stanley Environmental Solutions was started back in the early 1970’s as the areas local septic tank service provider by the founder William Lanier. During this time the company operated under the name Stanley Septic Service because this was the core avenue of service that the company offered. As the years progressed and the vision of the company enhanced, Stanley Septic Service explored new opportunities with commercial and industrial pumping. Now with the vision of William Lanier’s son, Jim Lanier, the opportunities for Stanley Septic Service began to overflow raleigh grease trap service

As the focus of the company’s services provided started to shift, Jim Lanier and Tommy Morrison found that a new name would be more fitting that reflected the goals and services provided, including Raleigh grease trap service. For that reason, the owners changed the name from Stanley Septic Service to Stanley Environmental Solutions. One of the main reasons for this change was the impact the company was having on the industry and the environmental. When Stanley Environmental Solutions core services shifted towards commercial grease trap cleaning Raleigh services, the outcome was tremendous on the environmental. Now all grease trap waste and food waste from local restaurants that was being taken to the landfill would be recycled at the parent companies composting facility, Earth Farms Organics.

After this green initiative, the company adopted the slogan:

“Smarter, Cleaner, Greener” as the vision of the company.

We continue to operate our Raleigh grease trap cleaning company with this idea and the importance of customer satisfaction at the forefront of their services provided. Throughout the years, Stanley Environmental Solutions has adopted many new avenues of services which have made this company a leader in the liquid waste industry.

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