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Our Green Commitment

raleigh grease trap cleaningStanley Environmental Solutions has always kept its motto of “Smarter, Cleaner, Greener” in the forefront of its business model and a part of its success story. Stanley Environmental is 100% committed to recycling all of its waste into other forms of energy and soil amendments.

Currently, SES diverts almost 10 million gallons of residential and commercial waste from the landfill every year. This waste is the largest contributor to methane gas emitted from our landfills. SES extracts the yellow oil out of the grease trap waste and converts it into a material used for Bio Fuel and the food waste is used to produce a nutrient enriched compost that is used in the landscaping and agriculture markets, making our soil more healthy andless chemically dependent. W2E “Waste To Energy “ is our goal to take our waste and convert it to energy. We have become a greener company by choice and being a leader in providing the best environment for our family’s future.